Having worked with actively using addicts for 40 years, I have developed a way of thinking about addiction that I find is helpful both to the addict, their loved ones and my fellow clinicians.  The series of essays in this blog reflects different aspects of a still developing theory of addiction and its treatment.

  1. Relationship to the Substance
  2. Collusion
  3. Addiction as a Hostage Taker

1 thought on “Addiction

  1. David Eagleton

    Hi Tom,

    I have great memories of the time recently spent in New Zealand and our very enjoyable conversations on Doubtful Sound. “Memories” and “doubt” in the same sentence are ironic given the statement on your site – I’m still trying to wrap my brain around the meaning(s)…

    I also enjoyed the poems about you stay in Nantucket. Very grounded while evoking different thoughts, and feelings. I also found your writings on addiction very interesting and helpful in thinking about those close to me dealing with this.

    Say hello to Eileen for Marilyn and I. It would be fun to catch up again sometime: Pennsylvania, Idaho, Costa Rica,…

    Best regards,
    David Eagleton


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