Tom Mallouk is a psychologist and golfer by day, and Bridge player and writer by night.  Tom has had a private psychotherapy practice in the Greater Philadelphia Region for the past 30 years, focusing on trauma, addiction and marital therapy.  When he’s not in his office, you can find Tom on the golf course where he gets his exercise, feeds his inner competitor and finds peace (and sometimes frustration) among the trees and hills of Bucks County, Pennsylvania.

By night, Tom practices Bridge against the faceless Online competitors and gathers around the card table with friends on a weekly basis to test his skill.  No longer baffled by the infinite rules of Bridge, he has learned to hold his own on the table over the last several years.

Additionally, Tom has worked his poetry muscles much harder over the last 12 years.  His passion for poetry and the written word come from his teenage years when poetry was all he wanted to read, and writing poetry was what allowed him to connect with and make sense of the world around him.

Tom’s work has appeared in a number of literary journals, including US 1 Worksheets, GW Review, Schuylkill Valley Journal, The Quercus Review, and Red Rock Review.  Most recently, Tom published his first book, Nantucket Revisited.  What started as a poem-a-day blogging project during his trip to Nantucket in August of 2012, evolved and came together as a packaged sensory experience through crafted words in 22 poems, describing the rich particulars of the island of Nantucket.  Visit the Poetry page for more details on Nantucket Revisited.

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